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All these boron trifluoride-based hardeners are liquids, making their incorporation into epoxy resins a safe, simple process.
The product comes in an easy-to-use dispenser; the user simply dispenses equal lengths of resin and hardener (with no need for measuring), mixes well, and applies.
High-performance hardeners are also available for high-temperature performance, thermal-shock resistance, chemical resistance, and many other special effects.
Furniture manufacturers and other end customers can also benefit from the flexible usage possibilities afforded by the new polyacrylate dispersion by using a one-component formulation as the mill base and only adding a hardener as needed.
Resins offered: acrylic resins, acrylic-styrene emulsions, alkyd resins, crosslinking resins, emulsions, epoxy hardeners, epoxy resins, maleic resins, melamine/melamine-type resins, polyamide resins, polyester resins, urethane/polyurethane resins
This enables them to match any conventional mat gloss level using only two clears and a specific hardener.
BASF's new color dye system, Carizza, enables auto painters to create an almost unlimited range of non-OEM colors, including popular crystal and candy colors, easily and without special primers, hardeners and reducers, according to the company.
These offerings are based on Surface Technologies' broad range of epoxy resins, hardeners, crosslinkers and matting agents used in formulations for protective and decorative coating industries, protection of steel, concrete and other surfaces.
This Phytogenicsr product line also contains items that are antioxidants, nail hardeners, diuretics, energizers, antacids, wrinkle removers and hair & skin products.
Another major growth area is in the development of tin chemicals, where tin compounds are used as fire retardants and plastic hardeners and in pigments and paints.
Company custom formulates a variety of epoxy hardeners for specific end-use applications.
Two advanced waterborne amine adduct hardeners for use with epoxy resins have been formulated by Pugh & Co.