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I really don't think the new GCSEs should be like the O Levels because they are much harder and more people will be getting lower grades.
Princess Cheryl to contestant: "You've just Cheryl to contestant: "You've just made Louis' job a lot harder than he made Louis' job a lot harder than he thought it was going to be.
Forty-three per cent say they could not work any harder, a survey of 2,000 employees by recruitment firm Randstad found.
In everyday life, it's the cognitive side where people really have to make those decisions, like whether you work harder throughout the day in hopes of getting a promotion," Hosking says.
I used to work in industry and recall working 15 hours per day and being told I had to work harder.
Federal regulators charged that Harder misled investors, committed fraud in the sale of securities, and operated the company as a Ponzi scheme.
Author Robert O Harder knows from whence he speaks.
PETER CROUCH has to work much harder now he is a lone striker without his goal poacher mate Jermain Defoe.
Death at a Distance: The Loss of the Legendary USS Harder by Michael Sturma.
If you spin the ball a lot, try a harder ball with a harder core.
So, while we welcome the Prime Minister's subsequent statement that he does not intend to weaken green belt policy we fear that the sheer weight of new housing his Minsters propose will make it harder and harder for him to keep that pledge and harder and harder for the West Midland planners to stop the exodus from our cities increasing.
Common factors that made it harder to self-monitor were memory and confidence.