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Being charitable, it may be that the city is simply adopting a hardheaded negotiating position in an effort to get the subsidy down, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Goines wrote his novels while still on the needle--nonetheless, Daddy Cool, about a ruthless hitman trying to save his hardheaded daughter from falling into the "life," is Goines at his primitive auteur best.
They even include, in the back of their hardheaded account, translations--good ones--of Foucault's many commentaries on Iran, as well as contemporary rebuttals by those who knew better.
I think (Romer) is very hardheaded and our hope is that this will bolster school board members so they're not as intimidated by Romer,'' said Steve Blazak, UTLA spokesman.
From Roarke's mild brogue to Eve's hardheaded manner, the characters are easy to keep track of throughout.
So will his hardheaded agent Paul Stretford, who wants the very best deal for his client whether from Everton or another more ambitious club.