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In dismissing would-be '60s revolutionaries' "romantic illusions," he did not deny their right to revolution but hardheadedly challenged their assessment of the current situation and its prospects for revolutionary success.
misrecognition has now graduated to the rank of a harm that can be hardheadedly enumerated along with [inequality, exploitation, and injustice]."); see also RICOEUR, supra note 253, at 19 ("[T]he demand for recognition expresses an expectation that can be satisfied only by mutual recognition, where this mutual recognition either remains an unfulfilled dream or requires procedures and institutions that elevate recognition to the political plane.").
One encouraging point made by such programming is that beauty is not only part of or an abbreviation for large social and economic processes but is both inescapable in and central to cultural activity of all kinds, including those that call for hardheadedly political or economic rather than aesthetic approaches.