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This means that Roger is not only a particular model to which admini strators might aspire but also a model positively to be appreciated by all who would engage in pastoral care; not just to "do" pastoral care, but to engage in it, with all its necessary contextualized practices of tenderness, solidarity, hardheadedness, forthrightness, trustworthiness, and transparency to and enduring joy in the gospel.
Maybe it was stupidity and hardheadedness that kept me going, but I knew it was something I really wanted to do," Williams recalls.
Now, this is not meant to downplay the passion, drive and downright hardheadedness needed to start a business and succeed.
Many Roman Catholics today are saying that the perpetuation of the divisions of Christendom is not simply due to Protestant hardheadedness, but also due to the wrong kind of Catholic in transigence.
The conversion to cottonwood has required a Texas-sized commitment in brainpower, technology, legal tender and persistence if not hardheadedness.
And whatever Williams's and Pound's hardheadedness, certainly Pound had a soft spot for the Greek gods, as Williams did for satyrs and nymphs.