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Even the hardiest are best renewed from cuttings on a regular basis - the best insurance policy to ensure fresh stocks should older plants succumb in cold winters.
Second, pruning should start with the hardiest plants.
From choosing the hardiest varieties for a year-round growing season to incorporating a monthly planting almanac, Winter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest is packed with specific guides for Pacific Northwest gardeners, focusing on winter gardening basics.
This stuff can slay the hardiest weeds, the ones with small leaves such as clover and creeping Charlie.
By the time you have suffered them for the 97th time, they can tend to grate on even the hardiest fan.
He said: "Previously, only the hardiest of anglers could fish the lake successfully.
5 billion year history, the Earth was inhabited by only the hardiest of microorganisms.
of Minnesota, Minneapolis) writes a fascinating biography on bacillus anthracis, one of the hardiest and most violent of infectious threats to the health and livelihood of humankind.
ISLAMABAD, October 27, 2009 (Frontier Star): The policemen of the country are facing their hardiest period of time as these human guards who were facing terrorism from the last two years, will now have to face a new problem in shape of freezing weather.
A week in Yellowstone National Park in February ought to satisfy the hardiest snow lover.
Although biologists have a long list of Earthly environments that teem with halophilic ("salt-loving") microorganisms, there comes a point where even the hardiest halophiles give up.
Eventually, even the hardiest pancreas will yell, "Whoa