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Its powerful impact, created by the integration of sight and sound, is highlighted by a comparison with a vision of ghosts in Sassoon's poem "Prelude: The Troops": "O my brave brown companions, when your souls / Flock silently away, and the eyeless dead / Shame the wild beast of battle on the ridge, / Death will stand grieving in that field of war / Since your unvanquished hardihood is spent" (129).
Not even a democrat will have the hardihood henceforth to assume that Dakota lacks one of the requisites of statehood.
these lessons being the hardihood that had brought him by foot many
But the Republican Party platform in 1956 contained this plank: "We recognize the need for maintaining isolated wilderness areas to provide opportunity for future generations to experience some of the wilderness living through which the traditional American spirit of hardihood was developed.
And so long as commercial and industrial superiority depend upon strength of will, business capacity and hardihood, so long will northmen with their unrivalled physique remain leaders among men.
5-bath apartment with Italian cabinetry, hand-laid hardihood flooring, stone countertops, marble baths, a dining area, central air, and unique diamond-angled floor-to-ceiling windows that yield full city views including the East River, the rising One World Trade Center tower, the Freedom Tower, and the Empire State Building, Situated atop the Langham Place, 54A comes with amenities package that includes the hotel's many conveniences and luxury services.
3) Compare Briganti and Mezei 131: "As late as 1903, when planning Leonora, Arnold Bennett found that reviewers 'were staggered by my hardihood in offering a woman of forty as a subject of serious interest to the public'" (Preface to the Old Wives' Tale 32); three decades later, E.
The crushed and abandoned Erebus and Terror disappear behind the perky illustrations of the Fox, and the "terrible shadow" of the Franklin expedition's destruction is brightened by the hardihood, competence, and resolute cheer of McClintock's crews (Athenaeum 24 September 1859, 398).
In his dissenting opinion filed with the report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Peter Wallison did have the hardihood to bite into that.
I want, as ,game protectors, men of courage, resolution and hardihood who can handle the rifle, axe and paddle; who can camp out in summer or winter: who can go on snowshoes, if necessary; who can go through the woods by day or by night without regard to trails.
He wrote: "Had we lived, I should have had a tale to tell of hardihood, endurance and courage of my companions.