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Parsley also indicates it is time to start the seed-making part of its life as it has hardily been providing fresh leaves for us since last fall, having also been brought into the greenhouse as full grown plants and this is its second season.
Louis, into which millions of curative dollars were poured but which nonetheless proved hardily resistant to habitability.
Sebastian Larsson is an honest professional and acquitted himself hardily at right-back - and he was against Burnley's most influential force of late in Robbie Blake - but it's not a natural role for him.
The massive scale of alleged crimes committed in Darfur is hardily [sic] captured by the report of the National Commission.
Rated as a particularly influential theory in the field (Oates & Donnelly, 1993), despite the fact that it lacks empirical support (London, Bruck, Ceci, & Schuman, 2005), the syndrome and the style of disclosure interviewing it encouraged, were hardily endorsed by social workers who were actively involved in ritual abuse case-finding, interviewing, investigation and advocacy (Abbott, 1994; Bybee & Mowbray, 1993; Kelley, Brandt, & Waterman, 1993; MacFarlane & Krebs, 1986; Waterman, Kelley, Oliveri, & McCord, 1993).
Monks landed a penalty, but that hardily plugged the flow the other way and another catch and drive in the corner in the 65th minute saw Miles forced over.
When I tell Philip Glass about a film critic who watched a movie thinking he was listening to an annoying Philip Glass score, only to find out it wasn't, he laughs hardily.