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Across 2 years of study, no significant differences due to pruning time were observed, so growers can confidently continue early pruning of both northern-adapted cultivars and, more importantly, the newer hybrid cultivars without concern of affecting winter hardiness," says Ehlenfeldt.
Hardiness and optimism accounted for 29% variance on professional life stress.
Cold hardiness was determined by thermal analysis and expressed by the lethal temperature that kills 50% of the bud population, or [LT.
Hardiness has been studied mainly in relation to health status and individual differences in the link between stress and illness.
Each participant received an intervention of a 1-hour hardiness education session given by the researcher on stress management and effective coping strategies.
The 2015 blizzard would not be the storm to help them win their winter hardiness badge.
We have decided to add the USDA Hardiness Zone information to the PDF so that our customers will instantly know the best regions to grow our heirloom vegetable varieties," said an official spokesperson for Home and Garden America.
Neste sentido, o mesmo autor, em 2005, complementa que hardiness emerge de um padrao de atitudes e acoes que ajudam na transformacao de estressores potenciais em oportunidades de crescimento.
The aim of this study was to the relationship between religious orientations with hardiness in students [11].
Kobasa uses hardiness as a personality variable and the term hardy personality (Kobasa, 1979; Kobasa et al.
8-11) After a brief historical overview of the health-promoting effects of exercise and physical activity, the following topics are discussed: the concept of hardiness and mental toughness and how they relate to resilience and physical fitness; how physical fitness promotes resilience; the clinical implications of a sedentary lifestyle; and the relevance of physical fitness and resilience to Army Medicine's Performance Triad.
Findings indicated that family functioning mediated the relationship between family hardiness and caregiver anxiety as a resilience factor that further reduced caregiver anxiety.