hardly begun

See: inchoate
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They had hardly begun to play before the doctor's disheveled head suddenly appeared from behind Mary Hendrikhovna.
I told you I would bring you to a land of wonders, Tom Swift, and they have hardly begun yet.
The question how to live had hardly begun to grow a little clearer to him, when a new, insoluble question presented itself--death.
The subtlety and truth to Nature required for the pursuit of it now, had hardly begun to be thought of then.
But he was very much deceived in this conclusion, for daylight had hardly begun to appear when there came up to the inn four men on horseback, well equipped and accoutred, with firelocks across their saddle-bows.
In those days young women did not go out of our towns to Eastern colleges and ideas in regard to social classes had hardly begun to exist.
We were only one little hour's travel within the borders of Holy Land--we had hardly begun to appreciate yet that we were standing upon any different sort of earth than that we had always been used to, and see how the historic names began already to cluster
I had hardly begun my work when a tall, slender, vigorous American youth of about twenty-three, who was on his way down the mountain, entered and came toward me with that breeze self-complacency which is the adolescent's idea of the well-bred ease of the man of the world.
He had hardly begun, however, when Mr Dorman appeared, somewhat agitated.
They listened eagerly to his story, and, when he thought he had finished and satisfied his listeners, he found that they considered he had hardly begun.
In fact, I sent out a special Commission to inquire into the matter privately, and they report that the works are hardly begun, and as for the money already subscribed, no one seems to know what has become of it.
But you simply cannot allow the gap between Villa and the teams in the promotion positions to get too big otherwise Villa's season, as far as promotion is concerned, is over before it's hardly begun.