hardly credible

See: incredible
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It seems hardly credible that I should not have been able to let Mr.
It is hardly credible; but it is a fact that he took very few precautions for his safety.
It seems hardly credible while I am writing it down, but it is certainly true, that this same man, who has all the fondness of an old maid for his cockatoo, and all the small dexterities of an organ-boy in managing his white mice, can talk, when anything happens to rouse him, with a daring independence of thought, a knowledge of books in every language, and an experience of society in half the capitals of Europe, which would make him the prominent personage of any assembly in the civilised world.
"The tough talking by FF is hardly credible when you consider they claim to have co-written the last two budgets introduced by the Fine Gael-led government.
His own posts were clean of the toxin but it is hardly credible that he could stand so deep in a sewer without noticing any smell.
Pakistan's claims are hardly credible in the international arena, not just because of a lack of understanding on the American side, but also because of a long strategy of lying about eliminating those the Americans wanted eliminated.
Can't anyone with a high school diploma tell that FilipiNewsPH.net is hardly credible? The article stated no author.
But among imprecise and hardly credible rumors of a coup d'etat, everyone is acting as if re-election were constitutionally allowed.
But that claim was hardly credible, because al-Shabaab had close ties to al-Qaeda and was therefore an enemy of Iran.
This statement is hardly credible given that North Road is already heavily congested and, with parking permitted on one side of the road, is frequently reduced to one way traffic.
Al Wefaq called the official turnout rate "amusing, ridiculous, hardly credible".
Hardly credible, even for a film claiming that the gates of hell lie a few hundred feet below Paris (if anywhere, they can be found in an overcrowded Metro car with no air conditioning), this low-budget effort from director John Erick Dowdle and writer-producer-brother Drew Dowdle provides a few late scares after plenty of eye-rolling setup, with said scares due more to the heavy sound design than the action itself.