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The Mohs hardness scale permitted a quick comparison of the relative hardnesses of various minerals.
Frankenheim extensively studied the hardnesses of various faces on the same crystal.
The hardnesses of the wood specimens for the radial and tangential sections, of which MCs deviated from 12 percent were converted for 12 percent MC by the following equation:
B-J12[perpendicular to]] = values of Janka and Brinell hardnesses of the wood specimens for radial and tangential sections at 12 percent MC, respectively (N, Number).
Hercuprene S-2954 is available in hardnesses of 50, 60, and 75 A and is bondable to ABS, PC, PC/ABS, cellulose acetate propionate, and polyesters.
Applications have involved TPU gaskets and seals with Shore A hardnesses of 70 and above.
Our research has shown complex relationships between formulation variables like water level, solid polymer content and TDI index and resulting properties like density, hardnesses, mechanical properties and fatigue (ref.
Hardnesses and fatigue are influenced by water level, polymer content and index, to different degrees.
It comes in hardnesses from 75 A to 72 D and in injection and extrusion grades, as well as a solution grade for dip coating.
Unlike PVC, POEs offer improved low-temperature flexibility at a broad range of Shore A hardnesses.