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Eventually, the values of both Janka and Brinell cross-section hardnesses for those cross sections whose MCs deviated from 12 percent was converted to 12 percent MC by the following equation:
The low-hardness test is used for testing samples greater than or equal to 6 mm thick and hardnesses in the 10-35 IRHD range.
The Evergreen Series is currently available in Shore A hardnesses of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60.
Roller hardnesses range between 20 Shore A and 50 Shore A, depending on the function of the roller.
High-resilience, high-rebound TPUs for injection molded and extruded products come in hardnesses of 70 Shore A to 55 D.
Aluminum bronze alloys in a range of hardnesses and tensile/yield strengths for mechanical wear applications in guide, leader and ejector pins, bushings, slides, gibs, wear plates and unscrewing mold components.
More recently the durability of prime carpet foam has been improved by producing higher density grades with hardnesses lower than before.
Widely used in athletic shoes, Pebax comes in hardnesses from 25 to 70 A.