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Certeon aCelera delivered a reduction in hardware footprint, improved scalability and better flexibility over proprietary hardware appliances.
Tenable hardware appliances are available in several models to service enterprises of all sizes.
rBuilder Allows SOASTA to Easily Create Multiple Application Images For VMware, Amazon EC2 and Hardware Appliances
Our response was to bring to market a revolutionary 'plug in and protect' recovery hardware appliance that offers a dramatically simplified approach to disaster recovery, especially when compared to traditional backup and recovery solutions.
Designed for smaller businesses with employees that are both co-located or working in geographically dispersed locations, the new hardware appliance keeps the network, users and assets safe and secure, plus it contributes directly to employee productivity.
Usm Standard Sensor 2x10gbe, Hardware Appliance: Usm Standard Sensor, 2x10gbe Hardware Appliance - License For One (1) Usm Standard Sensor 2x10gbe Hardware Appliance - Hardware Deployment Option, Includes Titan Series Hardware - First Year Support & Maintenance Included - First Year Alienvault Labs Threat Intelligence Subscription Included - First Year Lightspeed Replacement Service Included - Shipping Included - 2 X 10gbe Network Interfaces - 1.
Astaro, a provider of Internet security appliances, has announced that its Astaro Command Center (ACC) central management platform is now available as a range of dedicated hardware appliances, alongside its previous software and virtual appliance formats.
a leader in high-speed computing platforms for the Software-driven Network(TM), has introduced its new eight-port Bivio 500(TM) hardware appliance, further expanding and enhancing Bivio's advanced network appliance family with a high port density product.
Designed for small and medium-size enterprises, SureWare A-Gate is an SSL VPN hardware appliance that provides secure and authenticated access from any standard Web browser to internal applications.
Nasuni([R]), the leading provider of storage services, today introduced two new hardware appliance options to access its Data Protection Service.
Linux NetworX, a provider of powerful and easy-to-manage Linux cluster computing solutions, announced recently plans to unveil its innovative ICE Box 1500 cluster management hardware appliance at the SC2001 trade show in Denver, Nov.
Agencies can purchase Untangle software for use on existing hardware, based on the number of devices on their network, or purchase an Untangle hardware appliance with bundled software for a complete out of the box solution.

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