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Too often the news is dominated by spivs, speculators, cheats, the workshy, rapists and killers when the majority of people are decent, hardworking men and women.
UAF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said Korea was one the poorest nation in 60s but now it had emerged as one of ten leading economies due to hardworking and professionalism.
Included in the bill is action by the government to support hardworking families in keeping more of their money by increasing the personal allowance to GBP11,000 from April 2017; exempting children from Air Passenger Duty; supporting investment in the UK oil and gas industry; increasing tax credits for large and small business investing in research and devlopment; a new tax relief to promote the production of children's TV in the UK; introducing a new Diverted Profits Tax of 25%; ending unfair tax avoidance; and increasing the bank levy an introducing new rules for banks.
I would point out that hardworking people are not limited to bankers, brokers, solicitors and doctors, but also nurses, carers, teachers, cleaners and a host of other jobs done by council workers.
Perhaps Clr Khan should talK to Unison's decent, HARDWORKING union members in the council and they will tell him how they are being treated?
Meanwhile, the many loyal and hardworking employees who don't have the guts to use this method for promotion can only wait for a miracle to be noticed by the company owner or bosses to be rewarded for their contribution.
He said: " Her sincerity and honesty are really striking and she is so hardworking.
In Our Do'ers Profile, we highlight some of the hardworking and talented individuals in public human services.
Their attempts to drive up profits coupled with rising food and energy prices means that the government now wants to drive down the wages of hardworking families, but they never had the nerve to reign in the unrestrained excesses of the boardroom.
However, we are too often silent on the daily realities facing hardworking families.
Gender-bending comedy aside, they're a hardworking group.