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Christopher Knox, defending, said that it was a harebrained scheme by drug-addict Inseal who wanted money to help his sick partner.
Arthur's Hill could become a ghost town as far as food shops are concerned if this harebrained scheme gets the green light.
Had either of them thought that the Horseracing Regulatory Authority, or anyone else, was receiving the information before they were then I am sure they would have reviewed whether to have horses in such a harebrained environment.
Trask sternly judges those who use "circa" rather than "around" and deflates those who puff themselves up with inadvertent double meetings, ten-dollar words when five cents will do, and harebrained (not "hairbrained") errors.
ARE we being governed by a junta of gibbering idiots, or by a cynical gang grabbing cash to fund their own harebrained schemes?
My Lucky Star is Keenan's third novel--following My Blue Heaven and Putting on the Ritz--to center on the harebrained schemes of gay-boys-about-town Philip Cavanaugh and Gilbert Selwyn; this time around, they run amok in Los Angeles and cross paths with a closeted movie star, his eccentric family, and a troublemaking Hollywood madam.
Though his currency speculation scheme was truly harebrained, Ponzi was not without his talents.
So far," Haygood wrote, "we are yet to be invaded by a foreign power, though if Bush keeps this harebrained presidential policy-making up, I may just welcome an invasion with open arms.
The meddling that they had earlier thought to be simply the harebrained folly of state and federal legislators and bureaucrats turns out, in fact, to be proceeding from various UN environmental treaties and conventions.
That focus has its roots in the singular mania of Lincoln Kirstein, a visionary and promoter, who brought Balanchine here in 1933 and provided the contacts and money to start a school that would train American dancers in the Russian style in order to feed a professional American ballet company--an absolutely nutty idea, a harebrained hypothesis, a boneheaded belief in its day that has forever affected the subsequent history of dance, theater, design, and music.
Clinton's higher-education policies are harebrained and irresponsible, obviously concocted by people who care more about poll results than about what they might be doing to the nation's colleges or their students.