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It's my host father's cousin, the one with the harelip who drops in on me in unannounced.
Teratogenic effects that derive from tobacco consumption include cleft palate, harelip, clubfoot, congenital heart diseases, gastroschisis, and anal imperforation.
This journey is punctuated by two further executions which confront Barabbas with the suffering of believers: first, a harelip, an outcast with whom Barabbas had a brief sexual relationship, is stoned because of her belief in Jesus as Saviour; second, Sahak, a slave to whom Barabbas is chained in the Roman copper mines, is crucified--also because of his faith in Jesus.
Bear is injured and the two are saved by the healing skills of an old crone and a young girl with a harelip who assists her.
The haunting image of a child with a harelip and the caption, 'Can you look me in the face.
Seven species that have been extirpated include the alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula), harelip sucker (Moxostoma lacerum), crystal darter (Crystallaria asprella), saddleback darter (Percina vigil), channel darter (Percina copelandi), stargazing darter (Percina uranidea), and popeye shiner (Notropis ariommus).
Staff at the centre say Duo, who has an extended harelip which gives him a unique "double-nose" appearance, is adorable and needs a loving, energetic family.
Not only does the Staffordshire bull terrier have two noses, he is also looking for a new home and potential new owners are being put off because of the loveable dog's harelip.
Another sign is their harelip, which in young animals is not as defined as when they are older.
The son of a remote and overbearing father who kept him on a tight financial leash, Farrer was short, disfigured by a harelip, and vocally handicapped by a cleft palate.
older people mostly, aside from Ada and a young girl with a harelip.