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The girl with the harelip claims to have seen Jesus being raised, but this is an ecstatic vision inspired by her faith.
The harelip sucker (Moxostoma lacerum), known from the Tippecanoe River, was always considered rare; but it is not known what caused the species' demise.
15) In the story, a child named Harelip thus declares, "He's a black man, he's no enemy
177) Some officials have interpreted this to include such common defects as harelip and cleft palate.
Marion, her first-born son, was slightly disfigured with a harelip and a cleft palate.
Gazing at an eclipse of the moon can cause baby to be born with harelip.
My mother's bedroom has flowered wallpaper Wallpaper with paper flowers My mother will abort a black and red prince A gnome with a harelip A thousand blue and yellow stripes will delight my wakings I remain the handsomest the wisest I remain the best of my mother's sons And my mother with her profile drawn on the wall Has gone out early to drink absinthe Or but bread or wash my underpants Or sell my underpants and hers to no one Mouse with red cheese time is passing Mouse my gray sister you speak with your nails A hole hides a trap An evening hides a day A morning is never anything but a tired evening Of this day too much like the day beyond the window.
For instance, a child is born with epilepsy because its mother while pregnant witnessed the slaughtering and death throes of an animal; or a child is born with a harelip because the mother during her pregnancy was frightened by a hare.
In a cleft lip, also sometimes known as harelip, the halves of the upper lip fail to join in the centre while the baby is developing in the womb.
For example, a court held that a 14-year-old boy should decide whether he wanted his cleft palate and harelip repaired, regardless of his father's objections to the operation.
I asked how he got it, thinking he may have had an operation for a harelip," she said.