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So although No Lotion For That, The Sky Is Falling Down and Change My Ways hark back to his purple patch, the Eastern-themed title track and soulful Don't Stop show you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Its swooping bonnet and lack of windscreen or roof hark back to the 300 SLR, which Moss drove to victory in the Mille Miglia endurance race in Italy in 1955.
THE reply from Blaydon representative Dave Anderson to a letter of mine (Voice of the North, October 13 & 7) makes me wonder why MPs always hark back to history?
Some of the galaxies that UDF detected hark back to the end of the cosmic Dark Ages, the era when the first stars reheated and reionized the universe, which had been cooling down since the Big Bang.
These two-seater sports hark back to the 50s and 60s and open the Smart product offensive.
Chained form on the diagonal, interrupted, 1990), to the 1991 "Corridor" works with their brassy primary colors enlivening passages of unpredictable and highly eccentric forms, and finally to Park, 1996, the fallen tree supporting exotic plant life, which may hark back to Larner's petri cultures.
Hark back to the days following Pearl Harbor and World War II.
Their preview ads hark back to 1966 and ponder if this can be Enger-land's year to put one over the Jerries again - as long as there's no penalties, eh?
The design is intended to hark back to the romantic era of flying in the 1930s and '40s when, as in Casablanca, travel was glamorous and exciting.
But in a hark back to early days, the new sandwich-style bread, launched this week, will be wrapped in a revolutionary paper-like covering rather than the plastic which has become more familiar.
Nevertheless some of the rhythms are dated and the attempt to hark back to the Wild West grates very quickly.