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Zappa would do something similar with his entire discography, releasing highly personal records that harked back to the doo-wop he loved in the '50s, say, and then offering up elaborate symphonic efforts, or jazz-infused sets that mostly had the effect of alienating whatever remained of his audience.
Corita Forrest, 17, of Llantwit Major, and Andrea Lewis, also 17, of Roath, harked back to the days of Queen Victoria, street urchins and ladies in their finery and, with shops, hotels, pubs and restaurants, celebrated the granting of the borough's Victorian charter.
MIAMI - In a season that often harked back to its glory days, USC on Saturday received the blessings of the biggest icon of that era.
Prof Elwood, making her inaugural lecture at Queen's University, Belfast, said this view harked back to discredited perceptions of women.
Writing in the first half of the sixteenth century, one of the first modern writers on the subject Sebastiano Serlio harked back to Vitruvian notions of the origins of architecture 'Men's first coverings to protect themselves from the moisture of the rain and the blazing heat of the sun were made of tree branches supported on forked poles or rods and bound with willow branches .