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SCOTTISH troubadour Ruarri (it rhymes with brewery, he likes to tell you) serves up a debut album that will soon have the nation talking, a sterling set of songs harking back to his folk club roots.
The demonstration confirms that Platel is adamant about preserving the distinctive features of French schooling like epaulement and deportment, harking back to ballet's aristocratic origins.
Ultimately, its primary effectiveness may have been as a bitter commentary on the evolution of the New York art world, its grungy Chinatown location harking back to an earlier incarnation of SoHo, home to Earth Room.
Harking back to experience he gained years ago when he helped lease 55 Water Street, just after the 3.
But it was not Sandby's pessimistic reflections on London street life that attracted elite buyers: instead, Wheatley's sanitized ensembles, harking back to Laroon, with hawker and customer both elaborately clad, became the most successful suite of hawkers ever published.
Founders go on harking back to days gone by, clinging anachronistically to the "original concept" and refusing to see that progress requires change.
Harking back to an earlier era in Texas, Houston Airport System's (HAS) newly-created Airport Rangers have begun their mounted patrols.
They could be harking back to the golden year of 1987 or to the tears of Sutton.
Fumaroli sees Pierre Corneille, at least up to his Oedipe in 1661, as harking back to a more aristocratic, and therefore less ordered state, allowing more freedom to its intellectuals and writers.
At one point they "time-traveled" among three homes: one 1920s-style; another recalling 1880; and a third harking back to the 18th century.