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STYLISH - The Citroen DS3 harks back for its inspiration to the iconic DS model of the 1950s
For a band with some relatively laid-back moments in their canon, it is certainly a refreshingly no-nonsense approach, and first single, Miss You, harks back to the vintage Feeder of Just A Day and Buck Rogers.
The design of the M45 harks back to the American muscle cars of the late '50 and early '60s, without looking too retro.
Von Gerkan Marg's new Tempodrom harks back evocatively to its circus origins with a soaring, tent-like roof structure, 37m high, made of folded steel plates resting on 12 cylindrical supports.
The tone harks back to medieval peasant times, so the SF aspect sometimes seems out of joint.
The case harks back to 1995 when the Ontario government changed social assistance legislation so that a person was defined as a "spouse" as soon as they started living together.
On the opposite side, an artist's easel or chair, with a cubistic rendition of the Venus de Milo, harks back to Dali's art-school experiences of drawing from plaster casts, one of which stands immediately behind the easel.
of Raphael and Harks provided legal counsel, and Richard Montanye, CPA of Mann & Montanye, LLP supplied accounting and tax advice to the cooperative during this transaction.
Even its billing as a "star-studded miniseries event" harks back to the network TV blockbusters of a decade ago.
There is no doubt that Bocchi's posthumous fame harks back to the publication of his Symbolicarum Quaestionum .
Smelser himself harks back to his first book, Social change in the industrial revolution, first published in 1959, and comments that this return to Victorian Britain and to historically-orientated research felt like a return to his youth.
NEW YORK -- Celebrating Vegas' 100th B-Day in May: Swing Diva's New CD, "Vegas '58: Today," Harks Back to Famous Vegas Days, When She Became a First-of-Her-Kind, Lounge Legend