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The report shows the greatest impact of a minimum unit price would be on the most deprived harmful drinkers, while moderate drinkers would experience only small impacts on their alcohol consumption and spending.
Lad added that it's not correct to say that "if you're less exposed to these harmful substances then, sort of, it's less harmful for you.
E-cigarettes are described as 'more than 95 percent safer than smoking' and 'no more harmful than coffee' by top global public health experts.
New Zealand MPs had challenged Microsoft and said online abuse has become more harmful since bullies can hide their real identities, thereby spreading offensive online content easier.
Both unexcused harmful voting and fortuitous voting occur when one's choice is not supported by sound evidence.
The GCC Bureau of the Technical Secretariat to combat harmful practices in international trade aims through holding such workshop to create contact with the GCC institutions and organizations to define their role in implementing the works of the Bureau.
The NHC brings together research organizations, government agencies, communities and other groups to focus on harmful algal blooms while raising national-level awareness of bloom-related issues.
DUBAI - Samples of turmeric powder, being widely used in the country as an anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic medicine, have been found to contain substances harmful to human health, according to the UAE Health Ministry.
It also showed that when making a purchase decision, less than a quarter of women are aware of the harmful ingredients in skin care and check for these ingredients.
The soil in a pot of dead geranium, poinsettia or what-have-you is either totally void of life or contaminated with harmful pathogens.
Health experts in Bahrain highlighted the harmful affects of sheesha smoking and said it was more harmful than smoking a cigarette, since it contains 200 times more smoke.
Dubai Satellite imagery showing patches of algae off the east coast are not a harmful algal bloom, marine biologists from the Ministry of Environment and Water have confirmed, though the threat lingers.