harmful act

See: injury
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Anyone who distorts or damages these areas is committing a harmful act which requires a fine, she said.
Besides, Terrorism would also include a Harmful Act to humanlife, or Tangible or Un-tangible property or Infrastructure by any Person or group of Persons, irrespective of whether working alone or on behalf of an Organization, for Political, Religious, Ideological or other alike purposes.
He said that US President Donald Trump's recognition of Al Quds as the capital of Israel is a harmful act against human conscience, and that this step aims to legitimize Israel's attempts to occupy Jerusalem.
PESHAWAR -- The Provincial Assembly Monday passed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Whistleblower and Vigilance Commission Bill 2016 enabling citizens to make public interest disclosure relating to the irregular, illegal or corrupt practices and protect the whistleblower against any harmful act.
Law ensures punishment of those who commit an offense of torture, a physically or psychologically harmful act.
prohibiting a harmful act and the cost of prohibiting a benign act, as
No agency is expected to be perfect, and DCF, which deals with so many families in crisis, cannot prevent every harmful act that could be perpetrated by parents or caregivers who are ill, desperate, or simply not fit or able to care for children.
Within common legal framework, the full reparation of the damage designate removing all the harmful consequences of an illegal act, in order to rend the injured person in the previous situation (restitutio in integrum), where he/she would have been if the harmful act had not been produced.
Even though conspiring to rob a bank is often a victimless crime, it is important to criminalize such conspiracies, not least because doing so sometimes enables the police to prevent a harmful act before its occurrence.
It would be sufficient for a company to plead as a preliminary issue that the decisions of its organs that led to the conclusion of a contract or to the performance of an allegedly harmful act are invalid in order for exclusive jurisdiction to be unilaterally conferred upon the courts where it has its seat.
She then begins to receive threats from what appears to be an anti-abortion activist and the police inform her that they can do nothing until some harmful act takes place.
A harmful act is bad if it would be irrational to seek it or not avoid it without an adequate reason.