harmful act

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It was not clear what caused the arrest of the youth few days after other colleagues were arrested on the allegation that they were attempting to carry out harmful act against the governor at private function at Home and Away business centre in the national capital, Juba, last week.
prohibiting a harmful act and the cost of prohibiting a benign act, as
No agency is expected to be perfect, and DCF, which deals with so many families in crisis, cannot prevent every harmful act that could be perpetrated by parents or caregivers who are ill, desperate, or simply not fit or able to care for children.
Soring, illegal for more than 40 years in this country, is the harmful act of intentionally inflicting pain on Tennessee Walking Horses and other gaited breeds through the use of chemical and physical means, such as hard acrylic wedged in between a horse's shoe pads and sole, the application irritants like kerosene or cinnamon oil, or overly tight metal hoof bands.
Even though conspiring to rob a bank is often a victimless crime, it is important to criminalize such conspiracies, not least because doing so sometimes enables the police to prevent a harmful act before its occurrence.
A harmful act is bad if it would be irrational to seek it or not avoid it without an adequate reason.
She then begins to receive threats from what appears to be an anti-abortion activist and the police inform her that they can do nothing until some harmful act takes place.
to discuss adopting measures against Farouk Kaddoumi due to the bad and harmful act he committed, which served to exonerate Israel from killing Yasser Arafat and all strugglers who died on national battlefronts," a PLO Executive Committee statement said.
However, the discrepancy is far more obvious in the case of retrospective evaluations, cases where the harmful act has already been committed (e.
Courts often uncritically heed the opinions of mental health professionals in commitment and sentencing proceedings on why a defendant committed a harmful act and the chance of recidivism, according to Slobogin (law, psychiatry, U.
OFTEN,I am told someone has ``never said a bad word or done a harmful act in their life''.
To us, terrorist attack is the last resort: a radical and extremely harmful act done by a marginal group usually with its own religious or political beliefs.