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MEAN. This word is sometimes used for mesne. (q.v.)

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Xu and Chen [52] extended the well-known harmonic mean to represent the information in the linguistic situation and developed some linguistic harmonic mean aggregation operators such as the linguistic weighted harmonic mean (LWHM) operator, the linguistic ordered weighted harmonic mean (LOWHM) operator, and the linguistic hybrid harmonic mean (LHHM) operator for aggregating linguistic information.
Third, at 6.600, Allen's harmonic mean elasticity is the greatest among the three measures in the elastic segment of the demand function but, at 0.152, is the smallest among all values on the most inelastic segment, or in the last row.
N[a, b,;p, q] = {[a.sup.n] + [b.sup.n]/[a.sup.(n-1)][b.sup.(n-1)]} = [C.sub.n] (a, b) is called the generalized contra harmonic mean. Since the generalized contra harmonic mean is monotonically increasing and hence we have
The use of the weighted harmonic mean equation improves the accuracy in predicting the SCOP as compared with the weighted arithmetic mean equation adopted by the IPLV equation.
Some nonstandard problems however present themselves due to the special nonlinear character of harmonic means, so that several ingredients of the analysis are not completely routine.
This is the link between the single cohort case and the multiple cohort case: the adjustment factor for the multiple cohorts is the weighted harmonic mean of the individual adjustment factors.
To do so, we recalculate [N.sub.e]/N by taking the harmonic mean of [N.sub.e,t], where we assume that [N.sub.e,t] = [X.sub.t]/2 (Nunhey 1991, 1993, 1996).
Our research compared estimates of home range size and shape that result from the various kernel methods and from the harmonic mean method.
MFLOPS: Concurrent-Vector CRAY Y-MP/864 Concurrent-Vector/1 MFLOPS Measure Sisal Fortran Minimum 1.3 Loop 13 0.8 Loop 13 Maximum 249.7 Loop 7 246.6 Loop 7 Arithmetic Mean 64.3 71.3 Harmonic Mean 9.1 10.7 Table 11.
The harmonic mean of each Euclidean distance is calculated for each sliding window.
and by double clicking we can edit the z0 to h the harmonic mean, as shown in Figure 8.