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PROGRESSION. That state of a business which is neither the commencement nor the end. Some act done after the matter has commenced and before it is completed. Plowd. 343. Vide Consummation; Inception.

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In this article, we propose techniques for composing harmonic progressions of nonharmonic sonorities by calculating and manipulating relevant psychoacoustic parameters.
First he summarizes as "Musical Materials" the topics of his previous three chapters, that is, "performance practice" (musical roles and behaviors), harmonic progression, and phrase structures.
Perhaps the greatest advancements, however, are the availability of input via voice or acoustic instrument, and the inclusion of harmonic progression exercises.
Such musical concepts as melody, accompaniment, and (nonfunctional) harmonic progression are recovered and presented here in an unusually fresh, strikingly original manner.
Slow-moving harmonic progressions and two-part textutes--frequently with sixteenths in one hand, and eighths or quarters in the other--are common.
The lawsuit, which asks for damages to be assessed at a jury trial, argues that the harmonic progressions, melodic and rhythmic elements central to "Let's Get It On" formed the structure of Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud.
From Mark Colenburg's rasping snare drum to the lush shifting harmonic progressions based around a common note - a hallmark of Glasper's writing - this was aweinspiring stuff.
It is a large, sprawling work, which uses chromatic harmonies, frequent modulations, surprising harmonic progressions, and extremes of dynamics.
Do you predict that the harmonic progressions in the work might pose intonation challenges for the ensemble?
Schwartz describes his workbook: "Composed through the use of a variety of common and unusual harmonic progressions, twelve-tone technique, artificial scales and more, these exercises include random modifications in time and key signatures, rhythms, notes, articulations, dynamics and more.
The perfect authentic cadence in bars 21-2, replete with 4-3 suspension, is Burgess's way of tidily wrapping up in traditional fashion a passage that--through the use of irregular phrase lengths, unusual harmonic progressions, and an atypical approach to modulation--is less ordinary than its apparent simplicity suggests.
Chopin went on to rock the musical world with his startlingly original harmonies and harmonic progressions, his drop-dead gorgeous melodies, his use of "rubato," his innovations in technique and pedaling, his incorporation of Polish folk idioms, and his style of playing the piano in general.