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PROGRESSION. That state of a business which is neither the commencement nor the end. Some act done after the matter has commenced and before it is completed. Plowd. 343. Vide Consummation; Inception.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Harmonic progressions in Renaissance music cover a relatively small range of consonance-dissonance, placed toward the consonant end of the spectrum--at least from a modern viewpoint.
First he summarizes as "Musical Materials" the topics of his previous three chapters, that is, "performance practice" (musical roles and behaviors), harmonic progression, and phrase structures.
From Mark Colenburg's rasping snare drum to the lush shifting harmonic progressions based around a common note - a hallmark of Glasper's writing - this was aweinspiring stuff.
It is a large, sprawling work, which uses chromatic harmonies, frequent modulations, surprising harmonic progressions, and extremes of dynamics.
* Do you predict that the harmonic progressions in the work might pose intonation challenges for the ensemble?
Tambourine Man" and "All I Really Want to Do" how McGuinn "impos[ed] a personal style on [Dylan's] song[s]" (p.43) by altering harmonic progressions and changing time signatures from triple to duple meter.
The perfect authentic cadence in bars 21-2, replete with 4-3 suspension, is Burgess's way of tidily wrapping up in traditional fashion a passage that--through the use of irregular phrase lengths, unusual harmonic progressions, and an atypical approach to modulation--is less ordinary than its apparent simplicity suggests.
He is thought to have been born on the first of March, on which day the world will be celebrating his 200th birthday.Chopin went on to rock the musical world with his startlingly original harmonies and harmonic progressions, his drop-dead gorgeous melodies, his use of "rubato," his innovations in technique and pedaling, his incorporation of Polish folk idioms, and his style of playing the piano in general.As a child, Chopin showed remarkable abilities, a keen wit and a rare talent and genius likened to that of Mozart.
Expressive harmonic progressions and a different turn or two in the melody throw a whole new light on the somber and heartfelt song.
He wrings emotion through melodies made up of cunningly repeated phrases anchored to downward harmonic progressions. Think of his work for "The Windmills of Your Mind," and "The Go-Between" or "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg."
Modern mathematicians recognize this eighteenth-century wonder worker with 21 papers on such diverse topics as Euler's work from 1750 to 1760, his fourteen most significant problems, his archives, his proof, with Bernoulli, of the fundamental theory of algebra, and his work on the quadrature of lunes, the Basel problem, elliptic integrals, harmonic progressions, power series expansions of the logarithmic and exponential functions, the summation formula, combinatories, the partition function, parallels with Clausen, the motion of the lunar apsides, elastic curves, the advection equation, the propulsion of ships and the creation of accurate maps.