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The establishment of harmonious relations with India is in national goodwill for Nepal," Deuba told the reporters as he returned to Kathmandu after his five-day official visit to India.
2013, in honored as "the national security community" basis, Baling Petrochemical start to create a civilized and harmonious community demonstration work, and create a national civilized unit as an important part of one.
The collaborative work of Melissa Fallon (a highly qualified behaviourist, who works as both a behavior and training lecturer, and as a clinical behaviourist and trainer) and Vickie Davenport (a qualified and experienced dog trainer) "Babies, Kids and Dogs: Creating a Safe and Harmonious Relationship" will help parents to create safe, positive and harmonious relationships between their children and their canine companion, and allow a family dog to relax in the presence of children.
So Homebase, keen to investigate how we can create a more harmonious home, have teamed up with architectural, interior design and well-being expert Oliver Heath, recently seen on BBC TV's The Great Interior Design Challenge, to look for solutions.
Sardar Mohammad Yousuf added that the federal government is taking every step to create harmonious and enduring relations between the people of different sects.
In other words, as long as Britain voluntarily submits to Sharia blasphemy laws, a harmonious society will ensue.
For his part, al-Mutlaq said that his visions match with the visions of al-Hakim on how to form a government of competent and harmonious team, and informed him about the mechanism of the Committee's work which is formed to follow-up the file of the displaced people.
Nonetheless, after Hu Jintao and other Chinese leaders called for "building a harmonious society," social reform and construction started to receive more attention, becoming an integral part of China's model, at least rhetorically.
THE wonderfully titled Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen play at The Capstone Theatre tonight.
Kimberley also said she believes the upcoming Girls Aloud tour will be very harmonious, despite rumoured fallouts between the group in the past.
During his address the minister announced that various trips were being undertaken in order to raise awareness about dire need of law and order situation of Country, in order to gather all religions and creeds of Pakistan on a single united and harmonious platform as one Nation.
Summary: It was a harmonious blend of dreams and science that made Burj Khalifa a reality.