harmonious relation

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This interpretation fits with the Daoist project of articulating a way of living that brings human existence into harmonious relation to the world.
In response to a Pascal quotation, O'Neill penned: "These are some of the most wise words I have known: 'Beauty is a harmonious relation between something in our nature and the quality of the object which delights me.
It goes without saying that the various diaspora organisations play a critical role in maintaining a harmonious relation between several diverse groups in their home away from home.
Semple, are a revision of Du Bois's notion of double consciousness, not as it exists in Du Bois's configuration, but as it exists in Hughes's imagining of the two factors existing in relatively harmonious relation.
The jicuri is, for the Huichol, the plant of life, an element that promotes a harmonious relation with the gods.
That Baltic nationalism was manifested in a more harmonious relation among Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, compared to the uneasy coexistence among Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, is attributable to the fact that the Baltic republics belong to the European civilization and its values.
The sawdust settles on the "plowed lands" like "pollen," the pine trees are "strumming guitars," and "pine-needles fall like sheets of rain" as the resting laborers, transformed into "high-priests" and "juju-[men]," sing the "resinous" songs that signify their harmonious relation with nature (13).
All of these realities and their harmonious relation play a role in human health, as the loss of harmony between them is instrumental in bringing about illness.
The works in this exhibition reveal the artist's desire to let the potential violence of Vesuvius become entwined with a playful rhythm of negative and positive spaces, a harmonious relation of forms and colors.
He quoted the Chinese President as saying during his recent visit, "China and Pakistan will build a community of common destiny to set an example of harmonious relations between friendly neighbours.
Instead of the leader of the newly created state being a messenger of freedom, generosity, democracy and harmonious relations with our Turkish Cypriot compatriots, he turned himself into a shady schemer plotting the dissolution of the Cyprus Republic.
Visionary leaderships of Afghanistan and Pakistan are poised to work out a strategy to neutralize propaganda against their countries aimed at stalling the intelligence-sharing agreement and to sabotage the evolving harmonious relations between the two countries.