harmonious relation

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There is no other option than maintaining harmonious relation between the two countries.
It also included a number of awareness shows on the security and safety services provided by the ministry as well as the police's role in the community and the importance of the harmonious relation it has with the public supporting the co-operation between both parties to sustain security and facilitate services provided by government entities to the public.
Duterte, soon-to-be our next president, should cultivate a harmonious relation with the local Catholic Church officials (and vice versa) and extend to them the respect due them owing to their position.
Both countries have realized that a harmonious relation is necessary in spite of certain reservations that have come out in the last ten years.
In response to a Pascal quotation, O'Neill penned: "These are some of the most wise words I have known: 'Beauty is a harmonious relation between something in our nature and the quality of the object which delights me.
His insights into the harmonious relation between citizenship and middle-class virtue is evident in Pangle's sensible accounts of his views on immigration, race, and slavery.
The works in this exhibition reveal the artist's desire to let the potential violence of Vesuvius become entwined with a playful rhythm of negative and positive spaces, a harmonious relation of forms and colors.
All of these realities and their harmonious relation play a role in human health, as the loss of harmony between them is instrumental in bringing about illness.
Semple, are a revision of Du Bois's notion of double consciousness, not as it exists in Du Bois's configuration, but as it exists in Hughes's imagining of the two factors existing in relatively harmonious relation.
Despite the agrarian visions of citrus boosters, which posited a harmonious relation between white farm families and nature, Matt Garcia shows how essential a predominantly Mexican labor force was to the development of the citrus belt.
The government values peaceful coexistence among communities and is committed to resolving issues threatening harmonious relations, he said.
Modi, who is facing strong criticism of his opposition for destroying harmonious relations with the neighbouring countries, including Nepal, is trying his best to improve relations with the small neighbouring countries and in this course, his present mission is to neutralize Oli, say political analysts.