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And now, to him who maintains that it is profitable for the human creature to be unjust, and unprofitable to be just, let us reply that, if he be right, it is profitable for this creature to feast the multitudinous monster and strengthen the lion and the lion-like qualities, but to starve and weaken the man, who is consequently liable to be dragged about at the mercy of either of the other two; and he is not to attempt to familiarize or harmonize them with one another-- he ought rather to suffer them to fight and bite and devour one another.
This book has grown out of an attempt to harmonize two different tendencies, one in psychology, the other in physics, with both of which I find myself in sympathy, although at first sight they might seem inconsistent.
I felt that to bring out its deeper significance which was quite apparent to me, something other, something more was required; a leading motive that would harmonize all these violent noises, and a point of view that would put all that elemental fury into its proper place.
He was a most lovely child, with large blue eyes, of that deep color that harmonizes so well with the blond complexion; only his hair, which was too light, gave his face a most singular expression, and added to the vivacity of his look, and the malice of his smile.
Has Clara wandered away out of hearing of the music that she loves--the music that harmonizes so subtly with the tender beauty of the night?
Processors and end users push for uniform testing procedures, seek to harmonize their standards.
To harmonize qualifications among its member bodies, IFAC's education committee has issued guidelines for designing education requirements for accounting candidates.
The play, a time travelling adventure which combines rap, dance and drama, was written by a group of 14 to 16-year-old students from the Harmonize alternative education programme.
The HWC project was established to harmonize the federal and state employment tax laws, primarily by providing uniform definitions of key provisions.
His CV includes Harmonize productions at Liverpool Lighthouse and singing with community music group, Home Grown music.
As a striking example, the initiative to harmonize cholesterol tests only cost $1.
We need to study and harmonize tariffs for 12,000 commodities in case we decide to enter the Customs Union," Anarkhan Rakhmanova said.