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As such, the PHILJA will be strategically connected with LEB, and thus will be able to influence LEB policies to harmonize both institutions' efforts," she said.
Harris argued that widespread adoption of the IAS abroad should begin to alleviate this problem, in that they harmonize financial reporting and allay U.
Canadian effort at modifying requirements for disaggregated information cause other nations to harmonize international financial reporting standards?
For these reasons, international efforts to harmonize accounting treatment of off-balance sheet items must be encouraged.
Processors and end users push for uniform testing procedures, seek to harmonize their standards.
2) The white paper identified 300 pieces of legislation (later revised to 279) that the Community would have to enact to remove restrictions or to harmonize laws of member states.
The 15-year-old turned his life around after joining the Liverpool Lighthouse Harmonize programme, in Anfield.
Review the competitiveness of the Canadian corporate income tax structure, especially the tax rates, and encourage the provinces to follow suit with a review of their income, capital, and sales tax regimes; encourage the provinces to harmonize their sales tax systems with the GST, as well.
Established by the UN in 1961, the commission "establishes guidelines to harmonize trade in food," in the words of a European news agency.
To harmonize qualifications among its member bodies, IFAC's education committee has issued guidelines for designing education requirements for accounting candidates.