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We needed an instrument combining multi-channel capability with high measurement accuracy, high sample rate and time resolution along with good display quality and the ability to zoom in on the fine detail of measured waveforms " said Natan Gothelf, managing director of Harmonizer.
Harmonizers everywhere have been panicking over the looming break-up rumors surrounding Fifth Harmony.
An LED spotlight solution from Zumtobel was installed specifically to meet the preferences of a key target group for Gerry Weber, the Harmonizers, who react positively to moderate accent lighting.
The girls' US fans are fiercely loyal, many taking to social media to support Perrie in the midst of her split with Zayn and getting into competitive spats with Harmonizers, the fans of American girl group Fifth Harmony.
Luckily, the Johnny Appleseed Harmonizers are on hand to serenade the object of your affections, at home, at work, or wherever you choose, for the paltry fee of $40.
Rather than treating differences between the four Gospels as potential barriers to the truth (as mistakenly done by Augustine and other Gospel harmonizers, Enlightenment critics, and "historical Jesus" questers), the plural embodiment of the canonical gospel rejects equating truth with a singular and univocal set of empirical "facts.
The Alexandria Harmonizers, a local treasure begun in the post WWII era, will be on stage June 9th, in their spring show for a gold medal performance.
The Deep Dark Woods are comfortable harmonizers, and they love Otis Redding and Sam Cooke as much as the Everly Brothers and Bill Monroe.
Lawson's expert harmonizers don't need supernatural powers to produce haunting refrains about lost love and broken family connections.