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He begins by examining exclusion at the intersection of different legal systems, then considers harmonizing interpretations of international law, and finally looks again at exclusion but this time in the light of harmonizing interpretation.
In respect of selected listed financial institutions (SLFIs), which use a special attribution method formula, TEI recommended not requiring self-assessment (as some other harmonizing provinces did), but rather letting taxpayers pick up a pro-rata share of the full year's GST payable on which to calculate the related provincial component of the harmonized sales tax.
The government said it is cooperating on chemical regulations and insisted that harmonizing is a completely different concept.
This report presents the work of the Council for International Organizations of Medical Science's working group on the "Development Safety Update Report: Harmonizing the Format and Content for Periodic Safety Reporting During Clinical Trials," which involved the participation of senior scientists from drug regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies in proposing and drafting an internationally harmonized pre-approval document that would summarize the safety experience and explain actions proposed or taken for a pharmaceutical clinical trial or for an entire pharmaceutical development program.
Above all, there has been a massive transfer of energy and attention away from hip-hop into the lush harmonizing genres of swingbeat, a capella, and sweet-and-spice soul.
The most likely scenario for formally harmonizing ASTM and ISO material testing information in the U.
Educational institutions and individual governments can cooperate with their respective licensing authorities by harmonizing accounting curriculums as well as by enacting legislation to regulate the public accounting profession in light of recommendations made by various licensing authorities.
Additional harmonizing measures--including limitations on bank ownership of nonfinancial institutions, initial capital requirements, and provisions relating to the identity, extent of holdings, and suitability of major shareholders--are contained in the Second Banking Directive.
In addition, on January 20, 1997, Tax Executives Institute testified in support of proposed legislation harmonizing the federal GST and provincial sales tax systems in the Maritime Provinces.
The first approach to harmonizing standards is a bilateral one, under which regulators in two countries enter into arrangements on accounting harmonization.