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Atchinson said, however, that regulation would be more effective "if the states enhance their collaboration and cooperation while harmonizing standards and processes.
Moreover, the reciprocal seal option contemplated by BBBOnLine and JIPDEC is an important first step in harmonizing online privacy standards globally.
Yet the model revealed that harmonizing can sometimes result in weaker domestic securities market performance.
Like jungle's drum and bass esthetic, the new black pop focuses on a technique - harmonizing - that has a rich history in black music.
The most likely scenario for formally harmonizing ASTM and ISO material testing information in the U.
Ally Yahaya Simba, said harmonizing the mobile call tariffs which will significantly decrease roaming charges for calls originating from other EAC Partner States would enter force as soon as the existing telecommunications policies and regulations have been revised.
In addition to improved patient care, harmonizing these tests may also lead to reductions in healthcare spending.
Mercosur's harmonized technical regulation on complementary nutrition information is an important step toward harmonizing regulation and strengthening integration, according to consultancy firm EAS.
Turning to the technical aspects of the proposal, the Institute described Quebec's experience in harmonizing its sales tax with the federal GST in the early 1990s.
With major tax reform, billions in infrastructure dollars, an increase in the minimum wage and the harmonizing of sales taxes, the 2009 Ontario budget is getting mixed reviews.
The sub-agreement commits the three NAFTA countries to harmonizing chemicals regulation in testing, research, information gathering, assessment and risk management as much as possible by 2012.