harness together

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References in classic literature ?
He put the harness together again and hitched Jim to the buggy.
If we believe that crossing over industries within an economy already reaps great benefits, think of what immense benefits we could harness together across economies.
I have to say that with Jamie Roberts and Jonathan Davies back in harness together in midfield and Alun Wyn Jones due a big game in the boiler room, I am quietly (very quietly) confident.
com) is a systems integrator and solutions provider that offers multi-technology application development and professional services to help enterprises harness together workflows and key data systems for improved efficiencies.
I pulled the pin that holds the harness together but due to negative G the straps would not release.
We haven't played nearly as much international football as we would have liked for one reason or another, but we are both experienced at this level and the sooner we are back in harness together we can help the younger players.
Imagine Danny & Rog in harness together next season
While he and Kumble were in harness together, Hussain and Crawley were in danger of being bogged down but Hussain could afford to be patient on such a friendly surface.
To promote renewable energy, we need to put business, technology, and environmental protection in harness together.
This is the era of "coopetition" and win-win combinations can often put traditional foes in harness together for some specific mission.