harp upon

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A general laugh followed this sally at the dentist's expense, in the midst of which the gleeman placed his battered harp upon his knee, and began to pick out a melody upon the frayed strings.
But Joe had got the idea of a present in his head and must harp upon it.
Couple that with Wednesday's overtime loss to Boston University -- despite a 20-2 turnover advantage -- and it's a brutal reminder that all the little things coaches harp upon only matter if you can score, too.
EDDI READER I Hung My Harp Upon The Willows Eddi is on sparkling form on Trashcan Sinatras' cover.
Looking at the details of the minutes, the Committee continues to harp upon inflation, and with CPI well above their 2 percent target at 4.
Some harp upon how it wasn't that long ago when the Jets reached a pair of AFC Championship Games (2009, 2010 seasons), but seeing how that happened with Mark Sanchez at quarterback, I'm pretty sure success didn't come because of their offense.
The Ravens have the AFC North title locked up, but at least can harp upon seeding when trying to come up with rhetoric about why they are competing.