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Has Mr Huddleston ever been in the unenviable position of being a woman sexually harrassed on a train?
Lewis Kidd 6 Chased, harrassed and tried to shut down Rangers' midfielders.
The winning goal came within a minute of the restart when defender Paddy McNair - who has featured in United's first team several times this season - harrassed Ojo into giving up possession on Liverpool's left and continued upfield.
The boss said he didn't think he called the complainant incompetent or had harrassed him but was certainly unhappy with his performance.
Commenting on a separate case of a girl which claims to have been sexually harrassed by an educator at a reformatory also reported on Tuesday, social service officials say the facts should first be verified, as the children "can also be manipulative.
She wants buffer zones round abortion clinics "to ensure women are not harrassed or obstructed from accessing confidential advice and treatment".
With this we will device a mechanism so that succour could be provided to such harrassed workers.
A PROSTHETIST said allegations that he sexually harrassed a female colleague, and drove his car into and bullied another, had been completely fabricated.
She's forced to wear the Hijab to protect herself from being harrassed.
Who are actors who play harrassed parents Pete and Sue in Outnumbered?
The doctor said his patient had also taken to barricading himself in his flat after claiming he was being harrassed.
Many a harrassed working man could spend a happy hour away from the "monstous regiment of women".