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If he is violent, we shall take you away to your aunt's at Harrow.
It was about five weeks from the beginning of term that the river of life at Harrow House became ruffled for the new assistant-master.
Let me not harrow your feelings (and mine) by dwelling on it.
Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh The whole world leaps to my will, And the unslaked thirst of an Eden cursed Shall harrow the earth for its fill.
Byron had now to take his place among boys of his own class, and when he was thirteen he was sent to school at Harrow.
I wish you to understand, Sir Patrick, before you proceed any farther, that I shall remove my step-daughter from the room if any more attempts are made to harrow her feelings and mislead her judgment.
I know the story--don't go into details that only harrow your soul up unavailingly.
From Harrow School he passed to Trinity College, Cambridge, where Macaulay and Tennyson were to be among his successors.
I hoped she would return to her duty, and then there would be no need to harrow your feelings with such - '
My son Crowley only just scraped into the eleven at Harrow, and HE'S going to play.
Educated at Harrow and Merton College, Cambridge, M.
He did not wish to harrow the feelings of the Assistant Commissioner, who looked to him uncommonly like a man who has made a mess of his job.