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Hamilton, we'll have a cole spread, an' some fizz--don't leave out the fizz, by Harry.
I hate the way you talk about your married life, Harry," said Basil Hallward, strolling towards the door that led into the garden.
Oh, there is really very little to tell, Harry," answered the painter; "and I am afraid you will hardly understand it.
Poor Harry Jekyll," he thought, "my mind misgives me he is in deep waters
To Bessie Carvil he would state more explicitly: "Not till our Harry comes home to-morrow.
One's easier than the other," said Harry, carelessly.
Sir Harry Otway--who need not be described--came to the carriage and said "Mrs.
Raffles that I would write to you, Harry, and see you if I could.
Harry won't come, so we shan't want money for that.
Oh, yes; very much indeed,' replied I; for I had now discovered that it was Harry Meltham she meant, not Mr.
But above all there was Harry Winburn, the quickest and best boy in the parish.
Harry,' said Giles: giving a final polish to his ruffled countenance with the handkerchief; 'but if you would leave the postboy to say that, I should be very much obliged to you.