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Younger readers who enjoy Steve Delaney's creation Count Arthur Strong may see some similarities if they explore Harry's work via You Tube (and there is also The Complete Harry Worth Collection available on DVD).
Harry lost his battle against the illness in October 2011, aged just 11.
The plea, to a group of partygoers, comes in the same week a teen boy appeared in Dubai Minors' Court accused of assaulting 15-year-old Harry on the night he died.
He had raised hundreds of thousands making and selling bracelets through his charity, Help Harry Help Others.
The Record told how Little Harry is a smash-hit with his girl classmates because of his stunning resemblance to the boy band pin-up.
Harry Emerson Fosdick, "The Unknown Soldier," in Secrets of Victorious Living (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1934), 88-98.
Born in 1923, the second son of a prosperous Viennese family, Harry undertook his early education at the Wasagymnasium studying the arts, sciences and classical languages.
Who is this Harry Potter, and why do so many millions of children (and adults) stand in line to buy the latest installment of his adventures?
Rowling's latest, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, infused with more romance than the first five books combined--all of it hetero--has inadvertently fanned the slash flames.
We asked readers to have a go at predicting the plot for Harry and his Hogwarts schoolmates.
There's another picture, a young Harry Reid, six or seven, in front of a larger wooden house built from railroad ties.