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Through the 1990-2000 decade, the harsh environment active fiber optic component consumption was dominated by system contractor's captive production.
Harsh Vardhan said that India is the only recipient of the Certificate of Commendation at the 69th Standing Committee meeting of CITES at Geneva.
I could barely sit in a class," exclaimed Harsh Rana, who is now a national level gold winner in jump rope championship.
The third consideration for electronics in harsh conditions is protection against electrical abnormalities like power surges, brownouts, fast transients, and electrostatic discharge.
In motor sports, plastic latch mechanisms are now being discarded in preference to jackscrews to assure continued connectivity in extremely harsh shock and vibration environments.
Taslima Bibi lodged FIR in police station that her son Nazar Gul after exchanging of harsh words with his father Ali Gul and opened fire and killed him on the spot.
We're excited to reveal a new product that is not only easy to use and an effective touch-up method, it's also free of harsh chemical residue.
The latest example of Morgan's class-leading expertise in harsh environment technology comes in the form of its ultrasonic level sensors suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and brewing applications.
Personnel were sometimes poorly trained, medical personnel assisted in harsh treatment, and record-keeping was mismanaged.
Harsh Vardhan said: "Through misleading headlines, an impression is sought to be created that I have misgivings about the efficacy of condoms or, that I have a moral problem with condoms.
Harsh Vardhan as the BJP's chief ministerial candidate for Delhi elections," Singh who was flanked by veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani and Delhi state unit chief Vijay Goel, announced.