harsh feeling

See: spite
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And do you not also think, as I do, that the harsh feeling which the many entertain towards philosophy originates in the pretenders, who rush in uninvited, and are always abusing them, and finding fault with them, who make persons instead of things the theme of their conversation?
I was carried away by your reasoning; it extinguished all the harsh feelings that had risen up against you in my soul.
That was a harsh feeling waking up and finding your employer's van gone!
Cooper said: "It's a harsh feeling not to have won.
Israel has left Hamas to contemplate not only the hostility it has incurred on the part of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the other moderate Arab states but also the harsh feeling of betrayal at the hands of its erstwhile supporters -- Syria, Iran and the Hezbollah.
It has so savagely excised manners and masks and clutter and vanity that what's left throbs with an unbearably harsh feeling of solitude.
Asked why she had texted him, she said: "I wanted to let him know that I do not have harsh feelings for him, having me arrested and cautioned, and he does not need to worry about me confronting him about that.
However, he had harsh feelings towards Harlow Town footballer Jack Fowler, saying he thinks the 22-year-old is playing a "big game".
At trial, the state introduced evidence that suggested that Glaze had harsh feelings toward Native American women and that he fantasized about sexually mutilating them.
"I don't have harsh feelings for him but I just realised that it wasn't going to work and that we were different people in our expectations for each other.
There is no relationship better than this bond as there is no ego, no fears, no harsh feelings but the feeling of unconditional love and affection.
But my New Year's resolution was to be kinder, and so I attempted to analyse my harsh feelings towards horsey people.