harsh sound

See: noise
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This has a harsh sound, and yet should not be offensive to any -- even to the noble himself -- unless the fact itself be an offense: for the statement simply formulates a fact.
A mellow softness appears to hang over the whole earth; the influence of the season seems to extend itself to the very wagon, whose slow motion across the well-reaped field is perceptible only to the eye, but strikes with no harsh sound upon the ear.
The noises that used to frighten me out of my wits, the flapping against the windows, the distant voices which seemed so close to me, the harsh sounds that came from I know not where and commanded me to do I know not what, have all ceased.
Children with the condition are said to have a distinctive cough and will make a harsh sound, known as stridor, when they breathe in.
Some enthusiasts came up with the bikes without silencers creating harsh sound.
The most common symptoms of lung cancer are persistent coughing; pain in the chest, shoulder or back from coughing; change in the colour of mucus; difficulty in breathing or swallowing; hoarseness of the voice; harsh sound while breathing; chronic bronchitis or pneumonia; and coughing up blood.
A child with croup has a distinctive barking cough and will make a harsh sound, known as stridor, when they breathe in.
The VF cooling pad provides the excellent balance between performance and silence; it does not make any harsh sound and works smoothly.
That has a harsh sound to it, almost the ring of a moniker dubbed by squaddies on an unpretty but effective military aircraft.
THE harsh sound of the phone woke me from a deep sleep as it rang out that cold night in 1992.
He did avoid cacophony, believing, no doubt, that subject matter calling for harsh sound was not appropriate for poetry.
Mr Griffin said yesterday: "A bell ringing is a very harsh sound.