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Teichman posits that this creates an "arms race" (9) that is partially responsible for the harshening of sentences in recent years.
at 1835 (referring to the "inefficient harshening of [the criminal justice] system caused by jurisdictional competition") (emphasis added).
In 2008 the companies announced a unitary price declining of 15% for PU foams due to new investment of Den Braven and harshening of competition on a mature market of carpentry.
coordination among states will mitigate the harshening he identifies and
fails to acknowledge, including the very harshening of criminal justice
This is exacerbated by the increasing cost of licensing and M&A deals, and a harshening P&R environment.
18) If criminals are completely immobile, but capital is mobile and tends to shift to jurisdictions in which the crime rate is lower, (19) then the competition for capital investments will drive the harshening of the criminal justice system.
The trends documented in these two cases stand in opposition to the claim of a general harshening in American criminal justice.
The systematic harshening of the American criminal justice system