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These mites are also known in English-speaking countries as harvest mites, chiggers, berry bugs, red bugs, or scrub-itch mites, and as Erntemilbe, Herbstgrasmilbe, or Heumilbe in German-speaking countries (3).
Localised body macules/papules at the bite site may occur Itch Mites Forearms, inter Skin rashes, (Scabies, Sarcoptes digital, genital subcutaneous courses scabiei) area Harvest mites Skin surfaces Red macules and wheals (Trombidiosis) under tight clothing Cheyletiellosis Arms and trunk, Polymorphic rash contact points with pets Bird mites All over Macular rash Head Lice In the hair of Bar-shaped scratch (Pediculosis) the head effects with lichenification and hyper-pigmentation (Vagabond's disease) Spiders, e.
These mites are also known by different names, including harvest mites, red bugs and berry bugs.