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Over the 10 commercial seasons studied, the lobster fishery along the southern Orange County coastline began with generally steady catches, excluding 2004, but quickly declined with time likely due to a lack of harvestable individuals as time passed.
Under the new agreement, Alaska users will be allowed to take between 74 percent and 80 percent of the allowable catch of chinook (king) salmon stocks and 65 percent to 71 percent of harvestable chum salmon stocks originating in the Yukon River in Canada.
They believe the Ozarks have greater long-term economic benefit as a recreational forest, so that planning should focus on preserving the overall ecologic web, rather than managing for harvestable limber.
The "cost" to the company of preserving any stand is the volume of harvestable timber within the stand.
Because the kelp forest is a unique ecological habitat, a popular recreational destination and a harvestable resource, users' interests range widely.
In a refuge management system, no fishing was allowed in the refuge areas, and a fixed exploitation rate was applied to the harvestable areas.
The numbers are awesome: over 2,500 commercially harvestable seafood species and 1.
Inventory results indicate that the three rattans differ greatly in terms of the number of harvestable clumps/ha (>4.
AYes - injected into cows to produce harvestable drugs in the milk.
Sinclair also found data suggesting that even though farmers in industrialized countries could boost crop yields by applying more fertilizer, many have reached a point where the cost of doing so outweighs the value of the harvestable bonus.
In these tracts, families sustained harvestable game populations by deliberate rotation systems.