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Bacteria growth in harvestable tank=Logarithmic growth factor (*) Bacteria population in harvestable tank* [1 - Bacteria population in harvestable tank / (Bacteria carrying capacity factor (*) Harvestable shrimp population (*) Epsilon)]
Another option is to start the plants in 10cm (4in) pots, planting out once a good root ball has formed, a healthy start guaranteeing a harvestable crop.
All the mustards, rocket and mizuna will give you harvestable crops in a few weeks.
18 million hectares of farmland, with only 350,000 hectares left harvestable.
In the following sections, he covers population processes that form the basis for applied management, including exponential and density-dependent population growth, stage-structured population dynamics, predation, the effects of genetic variation in population dynamics, and animal spacing, and applying ideas to problems of declining, small, or harvestable populations.
Explaining about how valuable might such an asteroid be, if it were harvestable, DSI experts said, if 2012 DA14 contains 5 percent recoverable water, that alone-in space as rocket fuel-might be worth as much as 65 billion dollars.
The Namibian Seal Conservation group (NSC) was always concerned that the natural resource of harvestable seals was not divided equally amongst the country's population.
General effort declined as the frequency of capturing a harvestable California spiny lobster declined.
The average annual conversion efficiency of solar energy into harvestable biomass is 1.
Since the amount of annual harvestable solar energy has been estimated at 50 Terrawatts, students at Stevens Institute of Technology are working on a supercapacitor that will allow us to harness more of this renewable energy through biochar electrodes for supercapacitors, resulting in a cleaner, greener planet.
If these scallops were to survive to harvestable size (approximately 102 mm), they could provide an important commercial resource worth approximately US$124 million.
Both Swords and Rosseau Falls withered after the forests in their vicinities had been denuded of harvestable trees.