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Currently OLAC provides access to metadata harvested from twenty-seven data providers through search services hosted at the Linguist List (n.
Its strip hardwood maple and beech flooring and hardwood lumber is harvested from about 30 FSC-approved private woodlots in the Huntsville area.
Canada has a 99 per cent success rate at regenerating harvested areas over a 10-year period.
When timber is harvested on national forestland, a portion of the revenues goes into special funds for activities such as reforestation and for payments to affected counties to support local services such as roads and schools.
The record yield was in 1994, when growers harvested 153,000 tons.
Out in Oregon, Rogue Institute was working through a similar process, certifying 300,000 board-feet of selectively harvested 45-year-old Douglas-fir timber.
This amount was determined by calculating the present value of expected net revenues from the sale of harvested logs under a stressed scenario.
Large-scale collection of SFPs became important during World War Il when quinine conk, a fungus, was harvested to treat malaria in the South Pacific.
Governments have differing reasons for exploiting their forests: In Ontario, where the government sells its trees to logging companies for an average of 85 cents apiece, the purpose is the maintenance of forestry jobs; in Brazil the Amazon was seized from local inhabitants under land re-distribution, then harvested or burned for agricultural production; in Scandinavia the forest is little more than a feedstock for the forest-products industry.
Present Forest Service management that scatters clearcuts and roads across the landscape eliminates far more old-growth than just the area actually harvested.
Clients can submit multiple tax harvesting requests, as long as the total securities harvested do not exceed 50.
Packaged in 375mL bottles with an artistic variation of the Aquinas Napa Valley label, the 2005 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc was harvested at 39.