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Check brakes - research suggests around one in eight handbrakes are defective; ensure any blocked machine is brought to a complete stop; ensure that dangerous parts of the machine (for example, rotating cutters on harvesters) have come to a complete rest before removing any fixed guards; only trained and competent operators should be employed to operate harvesters and other agricultural machinery, and they should know what to do when a blockage occurs; don't jump on or off the harvester while it is moving.
Concerns about airborne particulate matter and stricter air-quality regulations spurred researchers to devise an add-on device to control dust emissions from nut harvesters.
Skilled labour is a scarce resource in the rangelands and harvesters often contribute to property operations by checking water supplies and fences.
Despite the need, the harvesters that spend their days in the woods collecting NTFPs have not been tapped as a source of information and have generally not participated in the management or decision-making for these resources (McLain and Jones, 1997).
In December 2003, Fur Harvesters entered into a partnership agreement with the government of the Northwest Territories to become the distributor for wild fur under the Genuine MacKenzie Valley Fur Program label.
Fabien Gagnon and colleagues from Quebec's Direction de Sante Publique de la Cote-Nord and Laval University interviewed 162 harvesters at 18 popular shellfish-collecting sites about the number of shellfish meals they had eaten in the last week and the last year.
comments that if this threat should materialize, shrinking income might drive harvesters out of business and away from the trees.
A belt came off a harvester in the second incident at Penmynydd,Menai Bridge and started a fire in straw.
Settler target practice, we guessed, calculated to send a chilling message to the harvesters.
The Styvechale Arms Harvester on Kenpas Highway is undergoing a major renovation which is aimed at making it more comfortable and enabling it to take in more guests.
Kubota estimates the Chinese market of combine harvesters was
These nontimber fores-products harvesters, and their counterparts who do contracted forest work such as tree planting and streamside restoration, are part of a large, but heretofore silent segment of the forest-products business.