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Two or three aerial part harvests per season can be expected.
The Sauvignon Blanc harvest started in Bordeaux the week of Sept.
In spite of the fact that fall harvests often reduce alfalfa persistence and yields, the underlying causes remain unclear.
The truth is that each year in Canada we harvest less than 0.
In turn, the interviewees have some advice for other entrepreneurs: Be prepared for the harvest.
Not viable economically to harvest, they pose a frighteningly plentiful fuel source for potentially serious wildfires.
When the Pacific cooled, Zimbabwe received plentiful rains and farmers there reaped large maize harvests.
5 Percent from 2003 to 2004; Value of Harvests Increases by Nearly 12 Percent
In Minnesota, the interval between harvests or the number of harvests was as important as the final harvest date in determining alfalfa persistence and yield (Sheaffer et al.
Part of this trend is the result of increases in labor productivity, and part is due to lower timber harvests unrelated to the protection of old-growth owl habitat.