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Located 14 kilometres south of Hurghada International Airport, Time Renero Resort Azzurra and Time Suites Azzurra are located within the Azzurra project, itself an integral component of the Sahl Hasheesh development.
In April, the Tourism Development Authority retracted approval for the sale of its 42-million-square metre Sahl Hasheesh plot, 18 km (11 miles) south of Hurghada and ERC's main project.
Hasheesh for his part said that the project aims at reinforcing human resources' skills and potentials, the real fortune for any society.
While our primary focus in the first half has been on operational progress at Sahl Hasheesh to deliver long-term profitability on recurring revenue streams including the development of the Old Town, the Phase III master plan and the Marina, the period just ended has also been characterized by an unwavering focus on the development of a sales pipeline to deliver not just full-year profitability but long-term results.
The first installation will be at the five-star Pyramisa Sahl Hasheesh Hotel, initially high-speed internet access and wireless connectivity in the common areas with further developments to be rolled out over the next year.
The new branch is located in a very unique location in the south of Hurghada -- Red Sea; Senzo Mall is considered the first mega mall in the city and a landmark being located at the roundabout leading to the cities south of Hurghada and also to the new resorts in Sahl Hasheesh.
Key developments have seen a significant growth in orders for leisure marine watercraft for Egypt's boat builders and distributors including the Sahl Hasheesh Marina and Port Ghalib Marina in the Red Sea, as well as the 480-berth Porto Marina in El Alamein.
Located in Sahl Hasheesh, an hour's flight from Cairo, the scheme will span 1.
Mosaic Holidays is highlighting stays at the five-star Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh with extensive facilities and excellent dining options.
So the claim that James suddenly, late in life, decided to experiment with opium, with some direct purpose, when he had sampled not only opium, but alcohol, nitrous oxide, ether, hasheesh and chloroform before he published Principles of Psychology in 1890, is rather lame.