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Meanwhile in the pocket of the third suspect we found a special kind of paper that addicts usually use to wrap hashish in and smoke it.
The Swedish man told us that he got the hashish from a woman," an anti-narcotics officer said.
The Hashish worth in international market is estimated in millions.
Hashish and nonhashish marijuana can be smoked, vaporized, or cooked in food.
During initial investigation, it has been found that this huge quantity of hashish was destined for Middle East and Europe through the sea.
Lebanon is the fifth largest exporter of hashish in the world according to UNODC's 2011 figures.
In the evening of the same day, Mercedes minibus was stopped in Osh, during the personal search 967 grams of hashish were found.
Although no drugs were found on him when he was arrested, a urine test later came back positive for traces of hashish.
A TEENAGER caught trying to smuggle hashish into prison has been jailed for five years.
The teacher, who works in Dubai, denied consuming hashish and entered a not guilty plea before the Dubai Court of First Instance last Thursday.
Karachi -- Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) seized large quantity of fine quality Hashish from general area Badoke near Pasni (Balochistan).
Riyadh, Rabi'I 27, 1435, Jan 28, 2014, SPA -- Border Guard patrols in Al Qahma'a in Assir Region managed to foil an attempt to smuggle Hashish into the Kingdom.