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Apart from catering to divers, the HCS facilities may also be used to attend to wounded soldiers as these facilities have also been proven to hasten the cure for certain illnesses from wounds to brain abscess.
The residents who included boda boda operators and traders said the contractor tarmacking the 28-kilometre road should have his contract terminated if he cannot hasten the work.
Drop the Court of Appeals, unless it can show it can hasten than delay justice,' he added.
Summary: The Council of Maronite Bishops Wednesday praised the unified position the Lebanese delegation presented at the Arab Summit last month, expressing hope that this harmony would hasten agreement on an electoral law.
Global Banking News-October 28, 2015--National Australia Bank to hasten exit from UK
1] This is because in both situations the act or omission by the doctors in withdrawing or denying medical treatment, or prescribing medical treatment that may hasten the patient's death, causes the patient to die sooner rather than later.
Lauren Hasten came out in the late 1980s--before her idols Melissa Etheridge, Rosie O'Donnell, and Ellen DeGeneres--and because the world was a different place back then, she expected the worst.
He then spoke about having helped hasten the deaths of two patients by giving them fatal doses of painkillers.
Now living in Wales, he spoke in a newspaper about having helped hasten the deaths of two patients, by giving them fatal doses of painkillers in order to ease their "dreadful suffering".
Byline: The Conservatives have promised to send more soldiers to Afghanistan in a bid to hasten the end of the war.
1 : to make or become faster : hasten <They quickened their steps.
It will contribute to the development of LCD technology in China and will hasten the start-up of mass production in the new company.