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You may actually find you're hastening the hell you wish to avoid, the hell we all wish to avoid."
Legal Rx: Suicide and hastening death are different--death with dignity should be seen as just that.
A DOCTOR who admitted to hastening the deaths of dozens of patients will not face new murder charges.
Summary: A GP struck off for giving elderly people excessive doses of morphine has admitted hastening the deaths of patients in his care.
Howard Martin also admitted hastening the deaths of three patients who he was later cleared of murdering and of helping two patients to die without their permission.
A San Francisco transplant surgeon accused of hastening the death of a man so his organs could be procured was acquitted Dec.
There is no doubt whatever that our civilisation has increased, and is increasing, humanity's carbon footprint which, in turn, is hastening the inevitable.
"The GMC say it was tantamount to a form of euthanasia, although hastening death where it was inevitable in any event."
His team finds that when a third black hole meets up with two already orbiting each other, one of the trio tends to get kicked out of the system while the other two orbit more closely, hastening their eventual merger.
I think the Internet is hastening China along the same path that South Korea, Chile, and Taiwan pioneered: In each place, a booming economy nurtured a middle class, leading to better schools, more international contact, and a growing squeamishness about torturing dissidents.
I commend the Vatican for hastening the resignation of Fr.
But there are resources for people who seek help in hastening their own death in a gentle, quick, and certain way--despite the fanatics and the obstacles.