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Drop the Court of Appeals, unless it can show it can hasten than delay justice,' he added.
1] This is because in both situations the act or omission by the doctors in withdrawing or denying medical treatment, or prescribing medical treatment that may hasten the patient's death, causes the patient to die sooner rather than later.
Swedish bed manufacturer Hastens has launched the new Experience Line, a range of beds and mattresses designed specifically for hotels.
Noted for its high-end, handmade mattresses, Hastens is also in the business of providing bed pillows and duvets.
Hastens, a small, family-owned Swedish manufacturer, has just unveiled the Vividus, a $49,500 bed, to the U.
Clearly, in the case of the Ohio transplants, this hastens the death of the one who is dying (Infant A) but not yet dead
He hastens to add that the look isn't "retro," because so far as he's concerned "retro" means "you've run out of new ideas.
Nothing so radical as "cattle prods or rubber hoses, at least here in the United States," Alter hastens to reassure his readers.
You're inclined to believe him when you hear the tinge of sadness in his voice, and he hastens to add, ``If everybody down there doesn't hate me.
Many physicians and philosophers here draw a distinction between active and passive treatment and take the position that it is morally acceptable to allow a person to die "naturally" but unacceptable to do anything that hastens the process or brings about death.
However, they caution that their data do not allow them to rule out the possibility that such exposure simply hastens the onset of symptoms among women already developing an autoimmune disease.
This same gas also hastens the maturing-and subsequent collapse-of flowers, cut or on the plant.