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Such as the natural inclination to hastiness, desire and worry which has to be controlled and disciplined.
My hastiness to complete projects ahead of schedule and accomplish tasks quickly is often viewed as efficiency, but on a personal level I desire to put forth more care into my work";
It pointed out that the attempted coup in Turkey has renewed "direct confrontation" between some of the Arab media and the people of the Arab spring; in which, for example, a wave of severe criticism has attacked some of the channels, newspapers and websites for their hastiness that resulted in broadcasting false news, such as the Egyptian broadcasts.
Moreover, the hastiness through which the Chair of the AUHIP elected to conclude the consultation and pass the RMA, only after four days of a unique gathering that brought together, for the first time, armed and civil opposition groups, has resulted in the refusal of these groups to sign the document.
Var of a father arriving at the scene with hastiness
The hastiness of the request made by the lady prosecutor was rather suspicious because it came just a few hours after the Japanese national's arrest.
As in the case of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old Cleveland boy who was killed in 2014 because someone saw him playing with an Airsoft pellet gun, the officer's hastiness counts in his favor, and the recklessness of his approach does not figure in his legal culpability.
Now I would like to regard this certainty, not as something akin to hastiness or superficiality, but as a form of life.
The hastiness of the binders' work at folding, cutting, and sewing is evident in the many askew pages that appear in surviving copies, as well as the bulging spines of some, a symptom that, to the specialist's eye, indicates overly tight binding.
The participants learn the resistance to seduction, tolerance, recovery of self-esteem, blessing of awakening, tears, appreciation, emptiness, encounter, pain of hastiness, composure and slowness, and meditation through the arrows on the way after the travel.
However, 15 patients in urgent appendicectomy group had drain kept, reflecting hastiness to complete operation without adequate hemostasis.
Try not to trip yourself up with an uncharacteristic hastiness on Tuesday and Friday, though.