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Naturally, a strong strain of wishful thinking is behind this hastiness.
Perhaps the secret behind Singh's hastiness to push through the contract, by way of which Toshiba's US subsidiary Westinghouse will be providing reactors for building nuclear power plants in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, lay in Washington's low-key persuasion.
The naive matchstick-men insurgents depicted in prints of July 1830 testify to the hastiness with which many lithographic artists inscribed their impressions.
Perhaps in this situation because of the hastiness of the offensive team, they could catch the ball and in fact respond fast break with fast break.
He, however blamed himself for his hastiness in issuing the cheque and not pursuing accuracy in selecting a partner who understood that trade and business are subject to profit and loss.
He has stressed on avoiding hastiness while executing works, and if it results in further delay in the project accomplishment, there should be zero compromise.
So, while it may not be the time for hastiness, it is also long past the moment for procrastination.
maker OMGPop for $180 million, but the move toward RMG games represents anything but hastiness.
The shire has since moderated its reaction: it has accepted Taiji back as a "sister town" and apologized for the hastiness of its decisions, but it maintains that it does not approve of the town's dolphin killing and suggests that Taiji instead follow Broome's lead by developing oceanic and coastal tourism (Kageyama, "Japanese Town Known for Killing Dolphins").
Korea's hastiness to recoup its loss as well as its diplomatic prematurity on the African continent collided with local politics in 2009 when the Madagascan government decided to nullify the land acquisition agreement previously signed with the Korean construction company Daewoo Logistics.
Nowhere in Book 8 does Thucydides give us any details of the negotiations, save a sense of ever-growing hastiness and desperation as far as the Athenian oligarchs were concerned: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ('after that the Four Hundred were sending embassies to King Agis in earnest', 8.
Nonetheless, the decision and its hastiness arise some questions and probably signal that the future of the bank's stocks is not so bright.