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In any event, Hasty honors Wolpe's mysteries, but not too much, and thus he brings us closer to a more satisfying and usable account of a pointedly inexhaustible legacy.
''In the world today many developing countries landed in trouble and misery for having tried to make a hasty transition to democracy without proper foundation in the country,'' he said.
For the hasty air assault, however, the situation usually dictates that a unit air assault one or more company teams in i2 hours or less.
"He got up respectfully, said that he objected and asked for a few minutes for a lawyer to come down," Hasty said in a telephone interview.
Hasty Pudding Theatricals is the United States' oldest undergraduate dramatic organisation.
In September, Weintrob's company, Brooklyn Eagle Ltd., filed suit against Hasty's Eagle Inc., charging "unfair action and false designation." The suit claims Weintrob owns the Brooklyn Eagle trademark and Hasty violated it "on or about" Aug.
Writer and poet primarily remembered for the mock-heroic poem The Hasty Pudding (1796).
Despite his linguistic versatility (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic), despite his wide reading and an apparently photographic memory, Fernando spoiled his work with hasty writing and sloppy scholarship.
Wackenhut beat a hasty retreat out of Belgium shortly after these disclosures.
The appellate court held in-person communication is "inherently misleading" since a potential client can be pressured to make a hasty and uninformed decision.
There isn't brilliant legal analysis (ethics and crimes are different, Toobin proclaims) or fresh prose (the answers "reeked of falsehood")-even if these would have made the hasty publication worth it.
A few, such as Tom Hasty's Golden Acres Farm near Almyra (Arkansas County), are considerably larger.